Take care of your back while quilting!

I have never had a fancy or very comfortable sewing chair, I have always used an extra chair from the kitchen table. As I have gotten older, the evidence of not sitting properly at my sewing machine has presented itself with sore shoulders and an achy back. Not very fun to not feel well at the end of a productive day of quilting! So I recently bought myself a really comfortable and adjustable chair. It really supports my back, it swivels so I just simply turn a little and I am able to get up and move directly to my ironing board (no weird twisting to get out of a stationary chair), and it is high enough off of the floor so that my arms are pretty much at a 90 degree angle (which I believe is ergonomically correct). No more hunching my shoulders!! And drum roll………IT IS A VERY PRETTY BRIGHT PINK (my fav color). I found this beauty at Office Depot for around $65 on sale.

Treat yourself and take care of your back while you are doing something that you enjoy.




A photo of my first quilt

My lovely youngest daughter happens to use my first quilt as her ‘car’ quilt. You know, the blanket you carry around in your car in case you are ever stuck on the side of the road and need warmth? Or you decide to have an impromptu picnic and need something to throw on the grass? Yep, that is what she uses my first quilt for and I am 100% okay with that. I know she is using and loving the quilt and I know the materials I used were not of the best quality.


1st quilt

Staying organized while quilting

Have you ever cut out all of the pieces for a quilt and wondered how you were going to keep them all organized? Recently I cut a quilt out and stumbled upon this tiny little way to organize. I have always used smaller sticky notes to label different pieces, so that part is not new to me. This particular quilt block has 9 pieces to it (1-4, A-D, and the center). After doing all of the cutting, I simply placed the appropriate sticky note on top of the corresponding stack and then placed a quilting ruler on top so nothing would move. (Picture 1 shows all 9 pieces under 2 different rulers and the other photo is more of a close-up)

Now I do not have any little pets in my home nor do I have small children, but I imagine this little trick would come in handy if your home has either of those types of critters (especially if you move your cutting mat with these pieces on it to a higher unreachable spot)!





Welcome to my blog, The Quaint Quilter! I have wanted to start a blog about quilting for a long time and for some reason I have chosen today to jump in and do it.

I learned how to sew when I was 10 years old (thank you 4-H) and made many of my clothes during my teens and 20’s. I became fascinated with quilting in the early 90’s. When my two daughters would take their afternoon nap, I would turn on the TV show Simply Quilts hosted by Alex Anderson and saw that quilting is really just straight line sewing. I got out fabric scraps from little dresses I had made for the girls and made a 4-patch and then a 9-patch. I then made each of the girls a quilt for their bed with large squares of fabric and tied the quilt with embroidery floss. I used plain white muslin for the back as I had heard that was traditional. When I think back on those first quilts, I am amazed at how much I have learned and how many quilts I have made. I average making about 2-3 lap size quilts per month. I am on sewing machine #4 since my first one in 1980. My fabric collection has grown by leaps and bounds and now fills an entire room.

One of my latest creations

One of my latest creations

Thanks for stopping by!