Patriotic jelly roll quilt

I just finished this patriotic jelly roll quilt and yes I made another jelly roll quilt. I have noticed this about myself in the last couple of years that once I make a quilt pattern (really this is not a pattern at all) I want to make it a couple of times with different color ways. I become fascinated with how color makes such a difference.

One of my goals has been to piece together backings out of my fabric stash. I really struggled with this one (just like on my other jelly roll quilt) but I am very pleased with how this backing came together. The thought has occurred to me to start with the backing and then find the fabrics for the top! Talk about working backwards……

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and found some time to sew or quilt. I have also been watching the Masters golf tournament so it has been a fabulous weekend.

Tamipatriotic frontpatriotic back1


My latest creation, a jelly roll race quilt

Good morning and happy April Fool’s Day! I hope no one gets a really awful prank played on them today (little innocent jokes are okay……).

Over the weekend, I finished yet another jelly roll race quilt. Gosh, when I just want to create quickly and sew with some pretty fabric, I grab a jelly roll and go to town. In my opinion, this type of quilt is all about the fabric. Since the design is simple, the fabric should really shine and stand out! This is Color Me Happy by Vanessa Christensen for Moda. Great colors of navy, kelly and grass greens, gray, pinks, aqua and turquoise. The size is 54″ x 65″ and is now listed in my Etsy shop. Here is the link if you would like to take a look at some of my other creations:

One of my biggest goals recently is to make the quilt back out of fabrics that are in my stash. I really, really struggled with this one and had to end up buying a couple of yards to go with a couple of smaller pieces of fabric. Oh well, the best laid plans….


A little lull in the sewing machine action

As much as I am looking forward to seeing some family this weekend, it also means I will not be quilting and finishing another quilt for my Etsy shop. 😦  I have a jelly roll race quilt top ready to be sandwiched and quilted but it is going to have to wait until maybe one evening after work next week……

I have been actively increasing the inventory in the Etsy shop and have seen a bit of a difference in the activity there. I really like knowing that people are at the very least taking a look at my creations and hopefully will keep them in mind when it comes to gifts!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and get lots of quilting done…..