Staying organized while quilting

Have you ever cut out all of the pieces for a quilt and wondered how you were going to keep them all organized? Recently I cut a quilt out and stumbled upon this tiny little way to organize. I have always used smaller sticky notes to label different pieces, so that part is not new to me. This particular quilt block has 9 pieces to it (1-4, A-D, and the center). After doing all of the cutting, I simply placed the appropriate sticky note on top of the corresponding stack and then placed a quilting ruler on top so nothing would move. (Picture 1 shows all 9 pieces under 2 different rulers and the other photo is more of a close-up)

Now I do not have any little pets in my home nor do I have small children, but I imagine this little trick would come in handy if your home has either of those types of critters (especially if you move your cutting mat with these pieces on it to a higher unreachable spot)!





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